What skills a DevOps expert needs

What benefits does DevOps offer?
DevOps provides more flexibility in software development. Through continuous integration, delivery and testing organisations can release more often with increased confidence that the release will
be reliable, stable and provide what the customer wants.

Importantly DevOps can help release bottlenecks. Automation can offer significant efficiencies and improve the effectiveness of testing. In theory, DevOps delivers speed to market, greater productivity,
early identification of risk and better products.
The business and technical benefit of DevOps is becoming increasingly obvious to organisations; the cultural aspect should not be underestimated – more productive teams working in a collaborative environment, improved people engagement and potential for professional development for team members.

DevOps is a professional and cultural movement that calls for change from inside the organisation. Paula
Jones, Training Sales and Development Manager, TSG, explains what kind of skills a DevOps expert needs.

What skills do you need to be an effective member of a DevOps team?
DevOps professionals are responsible for everything from designing and maintaining systems to streamlining the development itself; so organisations are looking for people who can cross-over between
disciplines. A tester will need a broad range of competencies, not focused on one single technology, in areas such as

Continuous Testing, Test Driven Development, Automation, Testing in an Agile Environment and development skills. Although development isn’t seen as a core skill testers are usually mandated to have, in a DevOps environment, this skill allows tasks to be completed more quickly and is extremely useful.

How important are soft and management skills?

DevOps requires people to take a strategic view but also to be prepared to ‘muck in’ and get their hands dirty. Participants will need to be able to display empathy, not just for their team but also all those involved in the wider project. The ability to work in multiple camps and to understand and communicate issues across the DevOps space is a rare skill and highly sought after, so managers have a responsibility to help develop and train their teams to become more competent in at least some of these complex requirements.

How and where can I learn DevOps skills?
Formal training has an important part to play in staff development along with practical experience and on the job mentoring. In addition to specific DevOps training out there a whole host of other skills development approached that can add real value. Suitable courses exist that teach the required skills including practical courses such as Introduction to Test Automation, or certification courses such as iSQI’s Certified Agile Tester, iSQI Certified Agile Essentials and the ISTQB® Agile Tester Extension.

Author: Paula Jones
Paula Jones has been working for TSG for three years and has worked in training sales and
development for many years prior to that. You can contact her at: paula.jones@tsgconsulting.co.uk

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