Skillsclub’s Terms of Use


1. General Information/Introduction


By signing up for or using our services, respectively by clicking the “Accept Terms of Use” box, the community owner (“Community Owner” or “You“) agrees to Skillsclub’s Terms of Use (“Terms of Use“). The Terms of Use apply between the Community Owner, who sets up a community on Skillsclub, and Skillsclub. The Terms of Use also apply to all related services such as the Skillsclub platform. 

Please carefully read the Terms of Use as well as our Privacy Policy which is also part of the agreement between You and us.


We will communicate our notices via email to the email address connected with your user account or via our services; You hereby consent to receiving our communication. To notify us, please write an email to 

Rights and Waiver

The Terms of Use do not give rights to any third parties and it further does not create an employment, agency, or joint venture between You or any third party and Skillsclub. Failure to enforce a provision under the Terms of Use is not a waiver.

2. Services


Community Platform 

Skillsclub is an online community platform specifically designed for Software Quality professionals. Our platform comprises the Skillsclub community and various sub-communities. Each sub-community is owned by its respective Community Owner, who has the ability to customize their community experience according to their unique requirements or goals.

As a Community Owner, You have control over your sub-community, how You use the available features, the users You invite, and over organized activities within the Skillsclub platform. This means You can tailor your community to reflect your specific goals and preferences.

By leveraging the various features and tools provided by Skillsclub, You can create a customized and engaging experience for your community members. Whether it’s hosting discussions, sharing resources, organizing events, or fostering collaboration and connection, the platform offers a range of options to support your community’s growth and interaction.

Premium Services

The base product we offer is free of charge, providing essential features for your use. Our Premium Services contain extra features which are subject to fees. Such fees will be clearly communicated and confirmed in writing, ensuring transparency and agreement.

By selecting Premium Services, You agree to comply with the selected payment plan. Separate terms might apply and will be communicated when signing up for the Premium Services. We may change the Premium Services and the applicable fees and will inform You beforehand by notice. 


When You set up your sub-community with Skillsclub, we handle registration information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This means that the data You provide during registration, as well as the data of the users You invite to join your sub-community, will be shared with Skillsclub.

We prioritize the privacy and security of your information. Rest assured that we handle all data in compliance with applicable privacy laws and take necessary measures to protect your personal information. To learn more about how we handle and protect your data, please review our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property Rights

While You keep control over your content and data, we reserve all our intellectual property rights with respect to our services and materials.

Acceptable Use

As a user of the Skillsclub platform You are bound to always follow the Terms of Use and not to violate any law. We may monitor the use of our services and we may suspend or remove users who are in breach of these Terms of Use or the law. Use the following email address to report any issue:

3. Users


Who can use Skillsclub?

As a Community Owner, You have control over who can join your Skillsclub sub-community. You can choose to have a closed community, where only users You approve are granted access, or an open community, where anyone can join. The decision is entirely up to You.

When users register their profiles, they will need to accept separate Terms and Conditions of Skillsclub, as well as the Privacy Policies of both Skillsclub and the specific sub-community. This ensures that all members are aware of and agree to the rules set forth by Skillsclub and the respective sub-community.

As the Community Owner, it is your responsibility to manage your sub-community effectively. This includes ensuring that users abide by the rules You establish. Please maintain a positive and productive environment within your sub-community.

It is important that Community Owners show are trustworthy for the users. Community Owners must be in compliance with the laws and regulations in place and follow the data protection pursuant to the section Your Data (see below). 


By using Skillsclub, You grant us permission to operate your community platform. This means that we will display and make available the content, activity, and data within your community. However, it’s important to ensure that You have the necessary rights for the content that You publish on Skillsclub. This includes complying with the applicable intellectual property rights laws.

We emphasize the importance of adhering to the relevant laws and regulations in your region when using Skillsclub. It is your responsibility as the Community Owner to ensure that all users within your sub-community follow the applicable laws and rules. By doing so, You contribute to creating a safe and compliant environment for all community members.

Content including personal data is governed by the Privacy Policy. By posting any content (directly or via other users), You provide us with non-exclusive rights to publish it in the Skillsclub Community.

Your Data

The information You provide during the registration is treated pursuant to the Privacy Policy. Your data and the data of the users You invite to join your subcommunity will be made available to Skillsclub. 

Community Owners together with Skillsclub own the Membership List which contains contact information including email addresses. The Membership List serves for communication within the community. Community Owners are prevented from selling it or making it available for unrelated commercial purposes. 

Community Owners are given access to the Insights Dashboard on the Skillsclub backend where they manage the community and access analytics. Community Owners together with Skillsclub own the data and analytics provided by using the Skillsclub Insights Dashboard. 

Please ensure that You adhere to the data privacy laws and regulations applicable in your region when collecting, storing, and processing personal information. Skillsclub will handle and protect your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and relevant laws.

Changes of Terms and Termination

We may change these Terms of Use at any time. We will notify You by email or through our services if material changes are made. The changes will be effective after our notification. You consent to the changes by continuing to use our Services. If You don’t want to accept the changes, we ask You to close your user account. 

If You want to terminate your account, You may do this at any time by notifying us at If You paid for any Premium Services, You will not be refunded. We may close your account if You are in violation of the Terms of Use or for any other reason and will notify You accordingly. It is in our discretion to limit or suspend our services and we may not store your content.

4. Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability


Skillsclub limits its liability to the full extent permitted by Swiss law (cf. article 100 of the Swiss Code of Obligations). Neither Skillsclub, nor any of our affiliates, directors, employees, service providers, contractors, agents, or partners have any liability for any direct or indirect loss, cost, claim, or damage of any kind, including negligence, arising out of or related to the use of our services. 

In particular, since Skillsclub has no control over sub-communities, Skillsclub has no liability for any direct or indirect loss, cost, claim, or damage of any kind, including negligence, arising out of or related to Community Owners/other users having/joining a sub-community.


Our services are provided on an “as is”, “as available” basis. We exclude all warranties and cannot guarantee accuracy and completeness of information as well as uninterrupted and error-free service.

To the extent permitted by law, we exclude all liability for third-party websites and/or any content not posted by us.

5. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution


This agreement is governed by Swiss law, excluding conflict-of-laws provisions. The place of jurisdiction is Baar ZG / Switzerland. Any mandatory legal places of jurisdiction are reserved.

6. Contact Us


Feel free to contact us with any questions about these Terms of Use. Your feedback and suggestions regarding Skillsclub are appreciated and might be disclosed.

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